How to report a bug?

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How to report a bug?

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To save time on solving bugs, use the following rules:

1) The first rule, attach a screenshot of the error to your post, and write description how to reproduce it.

2) If the error on the page clearly is not visible, then turn app on developer mode and attach to your post the log file.
To enable developer mode, open the file config/server.php and set DEV_MODE to true

Code: Select all

define ('DEV_MODE', true);
Then repeat the procedure in which the error occurs and attach a log file located in the folder "log" to your post.

3) If your server has its own log file (typically error_log file), just attach it.

4) If the error is related to the execution of JavaScript then open the JavaScript console, for example using Chrome (CTR + SHIFT + J) Repeat the action causing the error and attach a screenshot JavaScript console.

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